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Negotiation: Who's in Control?

In every industry there is always an opportunity to negotiate, in recruitment we negotiate on terms of business to supply staff whether it be on a permanent or contract basis and in procurement negotiation is a key tool to achieving value for money.

Game Theory in Procurement

As a lover of psychology and behavioural science, one theory that was mentioned in discussions that has really excited me is Game Theory. I have conducted some further reading of blogs and journals online and have one example below that I would like to discuss with you now.

What does the future hold for Procurement?

I must admit I am not the most technology savvy of people around and this was highlighted recently as I jetted off with my family for our summer holiday. I was surprised to find no TV’s on board our aeroplane despite it being a highly reputable airline operator. Okay it was short-haul, but still no TV’s?

My First Few Weeks at Procurement People

Just like the candidates we work with, us recruiters change companies too. Two weeks ago it was my turn to walk into a new office and start with a new business.

I joined Executive Network Group’s specialist brand Procurement People, a team that is the most networked agency within the sector for candidates.